Everything of Your Project 

360 degree service which your project and brand needs is now 
under a single roof for the first time in Turkey
Brand & Advertising
Benefit from the industry's largest
advertising agency experience
Projeskop / Projescope
Free consultant
of projects
Sales Office Management
Expert sales team
aggressive project sale

More Than 130+ Brand Experience

MODD/group which has the most accounts in the construction industry is working with more than 130 real estate development companies. With it’s power and experience, Project branding start even from the begining of the brand name.

Your Brand in the Real Estate Sector Developing the Right Communication Strategies

Branding, Corporate communication, social media management, digital marketing management, graphic design and web site coding… Now with the power of advertising 360 project management is becoming the most powerfull company in its market.

Evaluating a success story

With a premium membership of Zingat ( Property Finder ) , we will have a game changing methods witih Projescope. Domestic and international real estate company which end consumers can take free consultancy.

Projeskop - Domestic / Projescope - İnternational Investors

Call Center, Field Team, Real Estate Experts and more services…
Generating a verified investor data and writing a sales success story.

Team Spirit Dedicated to Your Project

We are a brand that is innovative, reliable, backed with technology and developing tailor made ideas customized to the project to sales offices.
In our project marketing team where people from many different disciplines come together, we produce strategies together with team members such as field, sales, agency, marketing, consultant and lawyer.

All the needs of your project are gathered under one brand.

All the needs of your project are gathered under one brand.
360 degree project marketing…
We have developed a team spirit that works with great determination, not for many projects but less and yet focused management mentality and success.
Turkey's new playmaker is dealing with projects with the newest, the most innovative and of course the most motivated approach through its unique integrated service model.